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Current Sales

Save money & earn your way toward free products!

In addition to our FREE treats punchcard program, we offer the Astro Loyalty frequent buyer program where you get rewarded for things you buy regularly by earning (in most cases) your 12th of each product for free, plus MONTHLY SALES on all kinds of good stuff. You can check your reward status and current sales anytime in the Astro app (download links below), and we keep track for you with each purchase.


We also offer other deals regularly. Check below to see what's current, make sure to follow us on social media, and we'll also email you each month's promotions once you're signed up.

Don't miss this month's deals!
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(Astro sales below will continue to reveal as you scroll on mobile devices)

Celebrating 25 years of healthy, happy pets! Join us for anniversary events every Saturday in June! (see below)

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